We plan. We design. You party!

Grandma’s turning 100?! Celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss? Daughter’s turning Sweet 16? We’re ready to step in and make it fun and stress free so you can relax!

New mommies and brides…either way we love showering them with love at pretty parties! With yummy treats and themed decorations…oohs and aahs will ensue.

Too stressed during the holidays to plan that family get together? Need some help with an awesome tablescape for your dinner party? Leave it to us. It’ll be a cinch!

"I’m not in a party. I am a party. Everywhere I go is a party."
– Kid President

Come talk to us about your vision. We’re alllll ears! Tell us what you do and don’t want. Show us what you love.

We’ll take your vision and put it in front of our design team. We’ll then present our ideas…maybe even some crazy ones!

We’ll pull together the best of the best from our Rolodex of experts to create a dream team to pull off the perfect party.

You can chat with colleagues, schmooze clients, have some cake, and dance a little knowing we’ve got it covered.